Giving DezRez the Wisdom of Sage

by Alan

The two big benefits to Millsopps were automation and control. Information from across all four Millsopps' branches are brought together into a centralised accounting function who were able to use an existing system. Management control was improved by logging fee agreements and improving the visibility of changes throughout the process.


Both DezRez and Sage are limited by a lack of open API's (Sage has a unique scenario where developers actually have to pay for the privilege of building addins and integration tools) so we had to be creative in reliably linking together the systems. We achieved this by querying the DezRez local cache (stored in MS SQL Server 2000) to obtain the necessary information for invoicing, and then automating Sage Order Importer and Sage invoice design tools to create the invoices.

To provide reliability to the process, interim data and full logging are recorded in a SQL database, and a small web application provides visibility to managers and technical staff.

Dez Rez Invoices

The whole project was delivered with training, documentation on ongoing remote support and maintenance.