Fluent Supports Accommodation Service

by Alan

In 2004, Endis designed and developed an innovative website for the Accommodation Service that brought together members and staff of the University seeking housing with local landlords keen to let property in Cambridge. Fluent founder Alan Mitchell was the technical lead on the original project, and is glad to provide continuity following the transfer of support to Fluent. Fluent are looking forward to developing and strengthening the client relationship in the future.

Key features of the Accommodation Service website:

  1. Map based search – All properties are plotted on a sketchmap of Cambridge, and website users can select regions of the city by pointing and clicking.  This facility means newcomers do not know have to take a crash-course in local geography.
  2. Private landlords have individual logins to manage the advertising of their property.   A wizard helps landlords describe each room by asking relevant questions, and unlimited photos can be uploaded.  Each property can have a combination of adverts, to describe different availability conditions (e.g. Academic year vs summer let).  Landlords can advertise entire properties, group shares, individual rooms – or even a combination.
  3. Clients search properties based on availability, suitability, location, price and amenities.
  4. Administration staff have full visibility and control over all aspects of the site.
  5. Internal notes system attaches information directly to entities. A sophisticated concept of related notes lets staff cross-reference notes between different tenants in the same property, or notes on the property independently of tenancies.
  6. Extensive reporting on web site usage, property information and client usage.


University Of Cambridge Accommodation Service

The Accommodation Service website manages listings of over 2,500 properties in Cambridge, and assists around 4,000 students, staff and visitors each year.