A Facelift for TGResidential.com

by Alan

Tucker Gardner 2007

Before: hiking boots, anyone?

The central company advert has given way to a large featured property, and the small property ticker has gown into a scrolling set of new property photos and summaries.

Tucker Gardner 2008

After: A map drawn by a Google? It'll never catch on.

Although we are proud of the old hand-crafted property map, allowing people in Cambridge to visualise available properties way before anyone had heard of something called a Google, it was time to update TuckerGardner to the ubiquitous map service.

We also had some new branding to work with, edging the site with more white space, using less formal fonts and creating a cleaner, simpler navigation through the site.

In subtle ways we have also increased the social proof on the front page. You can see the live numbers of available properties under the map and what estate agents swear is one of the most compelling marketing words in their profession: SOLD. Properties are being added all the time, and you don’t have to miss a single one. The ‘free valuation’ feature is a clever bit of coding to show people what we have sold in their areas.