A Tale of Two Websites

by Andrew

Students need housing in a hurry; there's only a short season when they're looking for a house - and it'll usually be one they share with a few friends. They don't want to fall out over paying bills and they want something close to college so they can fall out of bed and walk straight into a lecture.

In residential lettings the story is different - they're renting on their own, they want a place which is home, a landlord who listens and a simple application process.

Both site designs needed to focus on:

  • Simple browsing of properties - although they're a big landlord the number of properties available can be quite small (and that's a good thing!).
  • The core strengths of dealing with the Whitfield Group - no agency fees, simple application process, dealing direct with the landlord.
  • Rich property information - unlike an agency the Whitfield Group look after the same properties for decades. As a result they can afford to invest in good photography and more detailed property descriptions.

The Whitfield Group already had a logo - so we created two designs themed around the coloured circles found in that logo. One for Whitfield Student properties:

Whitfield Students website

And one for Whitfield Residential:

Whitfield Residential website design

Hat tip to our content strategist Gabriel who took the photo of the Cambridge rooflines - they were so pleased with the photo that it now features on all of their print material and vehicles!