New Home for Kevin Henry Estate Agents

by Alan

We started by analysing what Kevin Henry needed - and what they didn't drawing up blueprints for a website system that was clearly aimed at the end user - putting properties and property search front and centre of their attention.

Then we built the foundations: a database that tied in with their existing property management systems; a content management system so they can update their pages directly; a blog engine to demonstrate the personality of the company, admin pages that let them control everything

The public facing pages were painted and decorated with a strong brand and visual aesthetic.  We crafted appropriate functionality to enhance the use of the site (a scrolling property ticker showing the activity of the company, an elegant property search engine) and all the way through we chose our words carefully and honed the message to be a compelling representation of Kevin Henry.

The end result is a well balance professional website, that has delivered tremendous value - having the best local website has attracted new business for Kevin Henry.