Painting and Decorating the House of Kevin Henry

by Alan

(It would be unprofessional to comment on this design, we'll let it speak for itself).

Here was our proposed new look:


Key things to emphasise:

  • The map is centre-stage. ¬†Showing how local KevinHenry are, and drawing visitors in to exploring their property listings.
  • The carousel of recent properties adds movements and interest - and conveys how fresh the listings are.
  • Strong branding on the header, with simplified unthreatening navigation.
  • Content rich footer - repeating key messages on every page of the website.

After some crafting, user and customer feedback and a little pragmatism, here is the end result:


Not a million miles away from the first concept, but with the search panel moved to the left for extra attention and the contrast backed off a little to make the overall effect easier on the eye.