Selling Lumie on Amazon

by Gabriel

An estimated 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from some form of winter blues or the more serious SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Light therapy has been proven to help, and Lumie are Europe's leading light therapy product specialist. They research and develop medical devices to treat SAD, hay fever, acne, sleep problems and jet lag.

Lumie asked Fluent to work on their product pages on They had some products on Amazon, but not all. Of those, most were simple Seller listings, which cannot be formatted very much. We helped them to improve even these simple pages, as well as add new products and enhance the richer-content Vendor product descriptions.

The challenge was to compete on Amazon against the big electronics brands and the cheap Chinese knock-offs. Lumie invented the Bodyclock, their much-imitated best seller. They needed to convey in an online shop with hundreds of sellers competing for attention and money that they are the original, and still the best.

This is what Fluent focused on:

  • Search – getting found within the Amazon search through strong headlines, appropriate keywords and tags, and correct categorisation
  • Headlines and bullet points – grabbing attention with authentic, compelling descriptions and claims
  • Copy – describing in limited space the credibility of Lumie and the benefit of their products
  • Other media – choosing and placing photos, images and video to bring the descriptions alive

Lumie Clear on Amazon

With a scientific product, the challenge is knowing how and how much to explain about the science, so that readers can understand the benefits. Through all of the page elements it was also important to find the right tone for Lumie: thorough, helpful and trustworthy.

Amazon, sadly, provide no shortage of hoops to jump through to update vendor content on their website. Although we satisfied all the technical  requirements for HTML and formats for data, Lumie are still waiting for Amazon to upload all the new content.

We hope it happens soon, because Lumie are, pun intended, the shining lights in their industry.

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