Training Talis Web-Changers to Write Good

by Gabriel

So how important is it for a software platform and applications company to be able to write well?

The answer is very. Because at Talis, lots of people write. They have staff writers of course, but everyone communicates through writing in one way or another: on blogs, on their intranet, through email, in contributing to marketing material, through the conversations that they are having on social media about their technology. The group that came to our workshop was made up of developers, system administrators, copywriters, managers and others - recognising that improved writing skills across personnel in all positions will have a positive impact on their company as a whole.

You can't not communicate. So what price to do it well?

The workshop we ran at Talis, How to Write Good, was about improving your writing skills in general. The key for getting non-writers to write well is, of course, confidence. You need to stop thinking 'I'm not a writer', pick up a few good tips and then have a go. Stick at it, and you get better each time. It's not long before you reach a level where you can quickly write something clear that sounds real and compelling. Anyone who is already in a professional context can benefit from a boost to their written communication.

The Talis group engaged brilliantly with the material and exercises, and said good things about the workshop afterwards, including this write up from Rhys.

I am always encouraged when a technical company realises the importance of good writing to their success. Take a leaf from the book of Talis and give us a shout to find out more about our workshops.