Fluent: Award-Entering Websites!

by Alan

Working with TuckerGardner we reviewed the entry criteria several months ago, and it spurred us on to make some improvements to the site in terms of features, accessibility, code quality and compliance. Perhaps the biggest innovation was the TG mobile site – one of those things we had wanted to do for a while that was finally brought into focus by an external deadline.

Being ranked as a finalist feels a little like we've won second prize in the beauty contest (ever the wittiest card in Monopoly) but in the final analysis the winners proved to be operating on a different scale. All the winners are regional players, and as companies they are an order of magnitude larger than TG - with IT and marketing budgets to match. Whilst the quality of their websites is uniformally excellent, I haven't found any significant features or approaches on their sites that overpower TG; indeed, I think we have a few innovations that they could learn from.

Unfortunately the process of the awards (and the mutual dependence the organising company has on the press) means that local experts – the small quality partnerships, are made to look a little provincial against the corporates.

So we have to wait a little longer to be presented with our own etched slab of perspex. In the meantime, if you say "award-entering" quick enough, it still has a good ring to it.