How to Have Friends Who Influence People

by Gabriel

The book tackles the problem of how to cut carbon emissions when the projected demand for materials is that it will double by 2050. It’s about using materials wisely, and so getting more for less.

It's fantastically readable, and we know the high cost of getting a book like this out, especially when you have a young family, so hats off chaps.

Sustainable Materials was featured on the BBC website this week, although the article didn’t do it justice. Jon Cullen is a friend of ours. He said that despite the article itself, the coverage generated a lot of interest for the book and its argument.

They’ve had well over 10,000 chapter downloads online already. You can download it free of charge on their website.

Sustainable Materials comes out of the work of the Low Carbon Materials Processing group (LCMP) within the Engineering Department at the University of Cambridge. Fluent worked with Julian and the LCMP group earlier this year to create an interactive visualisation of part of their research.

More of that later – for now, we’re popping a virtual cork to say well done, and we hope that the ideas spread.