TuckerGardner on Your Mobile

by Gabriel

TuckerGardner on your mobile phone

The difference is that a mobile website is easier to use. You don’t have to download or open it separately. We know that every business wants an app these days, but are less sure that customers feel the same way.

Fluent means easy to use.

So for TuckerGardner we stripped out the extras to give them a mobile website containing the vital information for finding a property. It has the large buttons, swipe gestures and simplicity that make it easy to use on your smartphone, no matter how fat your fingers.

But it is not just a mini version of the full site. That would be boring. We use the phones’ awareness of their location to provide details of the houses that are closest to you. So you could be standing next to a house sporting a TuckerGardner For Sale sign, and within seconds you can find the asking price and all the details using your phone.

Then, if you want to pop into the office handling the sale, one tap on your phone and you’re looking at the directions from here to there.

There is no substitute for actually visiting a place to find the area in which you’d like to live. With the TuckerGardner mobile site, you can quickly see more about the property when you find it.