We're Looking for an ASP.NET/SQL Developer

by Alan

  • MS SQL Server 2008 with ASP.NET
  • Full-time
  • £35K–£40K salary, dependent on experience
  • Based in Histon, Cambridge, UK
  • Flexible working arrangements

About Fluent

We design, build and maintain clever online software to get SMEs thriving on the web. Check out our clients. We’re small, talented and enthusiastic about our work. We have an agile and fast-moving approach to our projects, and give our clients far more than just a website – they get support and business and marketing advice rolled in there too.

We get through a fair amount of cake.

About you

We’re looking for a brilliant developer who is focused on the lower levels of the MS development stack, otherwise known (somewhat unfortunately) as the back-end.

In practice this means either a DBA capable of showing middle-ware programmers a thing or two, or a developer who is happiest in the data access layer of code and delving into stored procedures to get the foundations right. Because we are a small shop we need to both create and maintain – so one day the job may be designing data architectures, and the next day fixing up replication links. We want someone who is flexible and mature enough to cope with a varied set of responsibilities, and optimistic and resourceful to find answers to unexpected problems.

Because we’re a small, versatile team, there is an opportunity for the right candidate to craft his or her own role and influence business development.

We want someone who is enthusiastic and experienced who will be nice to our clients. We’re ambitious, so he or she needs to have the ability to exceed expectations. Equally desirable is vision – and the ability to move strategically towards it. Personal drive and motivation are musts, as are qualities like honesty, self-belief, integrity and inner beauty (or a wicked sense of humour to compensate).

Things to be really good at

  • Using, administering and developing on MS SQL Server 2008 – minimum 2 years’ full-time professional experience
  • Running things fast – SQL performance tuning and strategic code improvements
  • Making things run right – test plans, ways of helping us write better code
  • Looking after production and development servers (MS Server 2008, IIS7+)
  • Database development – source control, versioning, data migration, replication
  • Strategic planning – capacity, security, disaster recovery planning
  • Balancing strategic and operational requirements – the ability to work with both the urgent and the important

This stuff is important too

  • Getting excited about LINQ and ASP.NET MVC architecture, helping us to learn and use this stuff
  • Professional development skills such as using source control, bug triage, project management, written presentation
  • Some experience of agile development methods
  • Degree-level education
  • Living in the Cambridge area, and happy to travel occasionally
  • Being legal to work in the UK
  • Not being an agency – we’re after the get-up-and-go of direct applications

How to apply

  • Tell us a little about yourself: your situation, background and personality
  • Mention five web sites you check regularly and the last book you read
  • Give details of recent projects and your contributions to them – think of it as a portfolio of your work

Please send your application, along with a CV to [redacted]. We look forward to meeting you.

Recruitment and employment agencies waste our time and their own by contacting us when we do not want to use their services. We only employ individuals who apply to us directly. Please do not contact us if you work for an agency.