Tailoring Wordpress for Scrolling Navigation

by Andrew

Long home page on Hope for Justice website

As the charity is growing it is putting much more content on the site, and has a greater need to present it in a compelling fashion – yet keep it clear and simple.

Hope for Justice’s designer restructured and redesigned the whole website. As their tech partners, Fluent implemented the wholesale changes into Wordpress.

The new design features a small number of pages, but long ones. The long pages are broken into sections for a scrolling navigation. We tailored Wordpress so that Hope for Justice could use this technique.

New sections are being added to the site all the time as the charity rolls them out. The framework we have set up allows the Hope team to expand the site themselves.

Fluent is also helping them to send mailouts to their growing number of supporters.

If you want a customised Wordpress site for your organisation, take a look at Hope for Justice and see what you think. Contact Fluent for more details.