Ecommerce Meets Responsive Design

by Gabriel

Fluent’s remit was to create a single ecommerce website to replace the several sites that Portio was running. Because it also publishes smaller niche reports, and has a large back catalogue, and offers customised research services, Portio’s offerings were spread over a number of different websites.

The key technological concern was to find a content management system (CMS) that could handle the ecommerce requirements – and allow for responsive design. Given Portio’s area of expertise, it was imperative that the site worked well on mobile devices.

We chose Umbraco for the CMS because it allowed us to define the product to match the way Portio markets its products. The template engine is great – it makes implementing a responsive site straightforward. We’re finding Umbraco to be the best open source CMS with .NET custom controls.

For the ecommerce functionality we chose Tea Commerce because it’s a light plugin that relies on some of the best bits of Umbraco to do the heavy lifting. This is ideal for a relatively small shop. It’s not bloated or overpriced, and has good support for UK payment processors.

For the content, we audited the existing websites and stripped them down to the basics needed to understand Portio and sell the products. We thought hard about how to structure the products present and past. A blog was introduced to preview and complement the expertise on sale.

Portio already had clear branding and colours, so the main challenge of the design was making it responsive. With the help of Tea Commerce we got there. Portio Research is looking pretty fine on desktops and mobiles, and everything in between.

We’re all fired up to do more of the same – so if you need ecommerce and mobile design for a project, get in touch.