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  1. A very Fluent Christmas


    Like the dreaded round-robin, this is our Christmas letter. But, like good copywriters, we'll keep it short and front-load it with the important message: "We all wish you a very happy Christmas!"

  2. Clearer Thinking


    Crafting the content helped focus the message. In creating a content strategy for wide-ranging stories, our first expectations for a generally static website evolved.

  3. Paul's 7 Things


    We make a big deal of aligning your website with your business, and emphasise that direction in the relationship: choose and build your tools to match your work. Paul's list resonates with us.

  4. Third Phase Development


    The last decade of innovation has meant any-sized companies can use tools for most business functions that only huge businesses could previously access. But it has also introduced loads of "functionality" – which is often bolted-on later, and performs like the bodge job it is. So, ask yourself: Does my website do what my business does?

  5. Toilet Twinning


    The idea's a very simple one: we have a safe, clean place to do our business, and an equally clean, safe place to relieve ourselves. Toilet Twinning is a reminder that we're privileged, and gives us an opportunity to help.

  6. Mashifesto


    It will then process your Twitter history and create a mashifesto for you. One of the benefits of having creatives on our team, is that the mashifestos look pretty good too. Apparently they're inspired by Russian Constructivism and Italian Futurism.

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