A very Fluent Christmas

by Zach

The Fluent Christmas TreeLike the dreaded round-robin, this is our Christmas letter. But, like good copywriters, we'll keep it short and front-load it with the important message: "We all wish you a very happy Christmas!"

This year, we built websites and applications we're proud of, and had a lot of fun doing it. We hired some new people (hi there), and they needed desks. There wasn't room for more desks, so we moved.

We've been busy – sometimes too busy. So, we'll be buying even more desks for newer people. We haven't found these people yet, so let us know if you'd like to sit behind a new desk.

We know that not everyone has as much to look forward to as we do, and have worked with some people who are changing that.

Hope for Justice exists to see the end of human trafficking and slavery in the UK, in our generation.

Hope for Justice are expanding their work to end slavery, and are asking for help this Christmas. We admire them and join in sharing their appeal.

From Fluent towers, we wish you all a prosperous and blessed 2014.

Christmas Curry)