Fluent on BBC Radio 4

by Gabriel

House with fine windows

We couldn't resist a cheeky tweet about it.

The estate agent in question called us on our comments, and invited our content strategist to run a workshop to help them write better descriptions.

He did, and wrote about the training on our blog.

You and Yours, the lunchtime programme on BBC Radio 4, read the blog post and invited us to contribute to a feature that they were doing on the language used by estate agents.

With Gabriel otherwise engaged (bizarrely being filmed for a property show elsewhere), we sent creative director Andrew Parker to do the interview. His mother always said he had a face for radio.

Andrew spoke rather well on the show. He joined in the laughter about ‘predominantly laid to lawn’ but also pointed out that it is quite a challenge for non-writers to produce interesting property descriptions day in day out – and made some suggestions for a new, fresh approach to selling houses in words.

You can hear the segment for as long as it's on iPlayer (starts at 7:10).

It’s not the first time a Fluent blog post has led to a BBC radio interview. It’s not something we’ve looked for, but doing good work and blogging about it seems to catch the attention of BBC researchers.

And if you’ve not worked it out yet, ‘stunning fenestration’ means nice windows.