Toilet Twinning – a bog post

by Zach

2.5 billion people – that's 40% of the world's population – don’t have somewhere safe, clean and hygienic to go to the loo. -

TwinnedThe idea's a very simple one: we have a safe, clean place to do our business, and an equally clean, safe place to relieve ourselves. Toilet Twinning is a reminder that we're privileged, and gives us an opportunity to help. They build safe loos in places where people desperately need them.

So, we decided to put fluent effluent* to use, and twinned our loo with one in Bangladesh.

Toilet Twinning is raising funds for founder charities Cord and Tearfund, to enable people living in poor communities to have clean water, a decent toilet, and to learn about hygiene – a vital combination that prevents the spread of disease, reduces the number of deaths among children, and brings hope for the future.

The team there have done an excellent job of presenting the problem they're solving –'s site is well executed, with facts and information matched with humour and a way to do something about the problem, immediately.

*Blame Alan for all puns.