Paul Tells us 7 Things Your Website Developer Won't

by Zach

I'd like to tell you about 7 things your website developer won't tell you. That is, to tell you about a clever article Teamworks' Paul Pruneau wrote for Social Media Today.

Paul's list boils down to building strong relationships with people who can help you work well online. Code isn't the point. A website isn't even the point. Your business is the point, and web tools should support your work.

"Business goals should drive your website design."

This strikes me as quite Fluent, indeed. We make a big deal of aligning your website with your business, and emphasise that direction in the relationship: choose and build your tools to match your work. Paul's list resonates with us.

This idea expands through Paul's insistence that building the tools you need is a blending of talent. Websites require more than people who can code. Building lasting relationships with people who have a range of skills lets you get better at positioning your brand, putting words in the right order, learning about your customers, and the rest! And, when your tactics evolve, how does your web presence match your pace?

"Stop thinking about the website. Start developing a relationship."

It's worth reading Paul's 7 things, and thinking hard about your website. I recently said: "So, ask yourself: Does my website do what my business does?"

Did you ask yet?