Take the law into your own hands...

by Andrew

...with Pearson's Law Express App

Pearson Education is a global publisher of almost anything related to quality learning and teaching – from textbooks to academic journals.

They also make some of the UK’s top-selling ‘Express’ revision guides. The books are designed to help busy students (tautology?) get exam-fit in no time.

But poring over the printed word is fast becoming old school for today’s digital savvy exam-taker. That’s why Pearson approached us about creating an iOS app for their Law Express series - the first of its kind to market.

Pearson Law Express App screenshot

The development schedule was short, – express seemed to be the watchword. And the project team were based in the US. So, for a month we dialled in to daily development team meetings to work through the user experience (UX) requirements.

English Law was the first subject to to be given the app treatment, so it was essential that the framework we came up with could accommodate other subjects in future.  

To test this out, we wireframed the user journey for each of the proposed features and gave the developers feedback on what they’d built. Tight timescales and strict brand guidelines helped to ‘focus’ the team’s priorities and led to some tough-but-necessary cuts.

In the end, the core interactive features that ‘made the grade’ were:

  • Quizzes  - arranged by topic

  • Revision checklists

  • Progress stats and performance ratings

  • Exam countdown clock to help plan revision

  • Flashcards to help recall

  • Topic maps to visualise relationships

  • Podcasts on exam technique

Turns out swotting for exams can be fun after all. Surely that’s not legal?

(Pearson Law Express available to download on the App Store)