The secret of websitesthat work

But we should warn you, this page contains our professional secret. The secret of how Fluent turns a client's idea into measurable business success, instead of just building them a website.

  The secret is so simple, we're not sure why so many website companies seem to miss it completely.

The secret is this: we put business first. Not design, or technology, or words, or personal taste or opinion. Business. Your business. We listen to, and advise clients on, what works on the web and mobile and then develop the best systems to deliver their objectives.

Told you it was simple. While this alone distinguishes us from many other website companies, it is hardly the whole story. Why are we so good at delivering business results? How do we do it?

Three ways.

First, we don't do wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am. We consult with you about the best ways to achieve your aims. We begin to develop solutions, with plenty of ongoing communication. We implement, then measure results, and adjust your systems to maximise returns. It is a partnership of continual development, committed to giving you the best possible results over time, not a one-off website that is out of date within a month.

Second, we have an embarrassment of riches on the team. Without blowing our trumpets too hard, we think you should know who will actually be creating your website. Our developers have computing degrees from top universities (yes, Cambridge), and years of software experience each (we'd say quite how much but it might embarrass one or two). They work with the creative team, boasting an experienced editor and creative director who has worked on award-winning TV programmes. We thrash through the challenges of your project, together, every day. No one gets to dial it in.

It's not like you need a Computer Science PhD to answer the phone round here - but somebody's got to do it.

Third, we are experienced enough to know what actually works in a website: it's the content. Counterintuitive? The words, the message, the ongoing conversation with your customers, the ease of use and usefulness of content - that's where success ultimately comes from. No one comes back to a site for the design. We have specialised in designing and building around the content and will show you how to do that for your business.

So our secret is simple. We are business partners first and foremost, delivering results for you through web and mobile. The ongoing approach, the richly-skilled team and the primacy of content - that's why our websites work.

That's what makes us Fluent.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Whatever you are thinking about, we'll tell you if we can help. Why not get in touch about your idea - whatever shape it's in - and we can start an informal chat about what you might need?

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Fluent set out what they are going to do and without any great fanfare or drama they just get on and do it, consistently and to a uniformly high standard.

 John Adamson, TuckerGardner