Business Blogging

Blogging can position you as a trusted expert, provide your customers with useful information and strengthen partnership ties. A consistent, well-written business blog will also attract traffic. We build blogs and train clients how to use them well, also providing a blog support service if you are short on time. We fill in the gaps, from a simple sub-edit to a full-blown ghost-writing service.

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In practice

  1. Fluent on BBC Radio 4


    It’s not the first time a Fluent blog post has led to a BBC radio interview.

  2. Getting ChurchInsight Down with the Faithful


    To facilitate a more conversational element we help them to run a Twitter account, which also brings people to the blog.

  3. Linking with Predicate's Jeffrey MacIntyre


    There is nothing like publishing other people’s content to reveal just how much work goes into the editorial side.

  4. Can a Blog Pay Off in Financial Services?


    This is exactly why you would go and talk to an adviser in person: to get the inside track, the whole market view, and to hear an honest, expert opinion about what to do next.

  5. Infiltrating Red Gate with Blogging Workshops


    I'm beginning to think that Red Gate is a cult.