Business Process Analysis

Often customers come to us with a problem to solve. The first step is always to check we are solving the right problem. We take a step back to look at how and why they do things. Then we try to suggest ways to help, relating to people, processes or different technology. Usually the best answer is the simplest.

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In practice

  1. A new donations platform for Dame Kelly’s Trust


    Seamless integration of Stripe is all in a day’s work

  2. Turning therapists into advocates


    A new document management portal for psychologists

  3. Third Phase Development


    The last decade of innovation has meant any-sized companies can use tools for most business functions that only huge businesses could previously access. But it has also introduced loads of "functionality" – which is often bolted-on later, and performs like the bodge job it is. So, ask yourself: Does my website do what my business does?

  4. New eyes: usability reviews help spot problems


    This is a usability review. In essence, we lent out our fresh eyes and design experience to help them see where there might be stumbling blocks or mistakes. The review can stop projects from missing the point entirely, or point out simple mistakes such as ...

  5. Growing a Global Grid for Learning


    A consultancy project to advise Global Grid for Learning on how to overcome some of the technical challenges presented by growth.

  6. "Can I Have a Checkatrade?"


    We incorporated an application structured around workflow rather than data, increasing the throughput by 400%.