Copy for the web is different to copy for print. It must be pithy, useful, often non-invasive yet create the right tone for your brand. The words must be compelling and intelligible when splintered in different contexts across the web. As experienced web writers we know how words fit with web constraints and metadata, attracting search engines whilst appealing primarily to humans.

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In practice

  1. A new higher education website for care leavers


    Propelling young people from care backgrounds into higher education

  2. Tautology, or How to Write Better than Tolkien


    The simple, say-it-once approach gets the message across clearly, without causing the reader to gouge her brain out with a plastic fork.

  3. Readability Tools that Actually Improve Your Writing


    You’ll wonder what the difference is between SMOG, Flesch-Kincaid, ARI, Coleman Liau…? The answer is very little. Also, who cares?

  4. Single Page for Wills Service


    The page needed to present the message clearly and succinctly. Not just promoting Limetree, but also the need for a will in the first place.

  5. Fresh Message for Fresh Meat


    Not only did we add a section with a map for the new location; we also had to rewrite the copy to reflect the new business model.

  6. Copywriters – Getting Started with SEO


    Good advice is freely available if you know what you’re looking for.