Editorial Services

Some clients provide all of their content, some none of it, and most an amount in between. Your content is the most vital part of your online business. We pride ourselves on our editing skills: proofreading, redrafting, converting and creating web-friendly content, setting standards with editorial guidelines and calendars. Or simply applying a little polish if that's all you need. 

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  1. Where Does Microcopy Come From?


    No, really, who writes all those little words that play such an important role on a website?

  2. Keeping TuckerGardner Ahead of the Game


    TuckerGardner often leads its marketing campaigns with its website features. Now it’s time for draw search.

  3. A Link Apart


    How can a website that values the added dimension that hyperlinks bring keep those links current over the years?

  4. Linking with Predicate's Jeffrey MacIntyre


    There is nothing like publishing other people’s content to reveal just how much work goes into the editorial side.

  5. Can a Blog Pay Off in Financial Services?


    This is exactly why you would go and talk to an adviser in person: to get the inside track, the whole market view, and to hear an honest, expert opinion about what to do next.

  6. What George Orwell Actually Said about Writing


    The more we use poor language, the poorer our thoughts become.