Proof of Concept

To pioneer you have to take risks but that doesn't mean road-testing new ideas has to be risky. Our broad range of skills and experience enable us to produce high fidelity prototypes for new projects and business models. We can help you to identify, avoid and break through potential roadblocks. We work closely with you to craft the best combination of business and technology ideas.

Core elements of a Proof of Concept project:

  • Fixed length. Typically 2 to 3 weeks, forcing everyone to focus on the core issues.
  • Fixed cost. Limiting your exposure means ideas get off the drawing board and one step closer to reality.
  • Delivers a working demo. Winning hearts and minds is easy once people can see and understand what you want to do.

We can accelerate your web product development to a stage where you better understand your idea: the benefits, the potential, and any remaining unknowns. From that knowledge comes power – the power of an informed decision about moving to a production-ready product.

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In practice

  1. Three Weeks at Microsoft


    We created a sparkly new MVC web application, which uses lots of Windows Azure goodness to integrate rather elegantly with some other Microsoft products.