Social Media

Social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, are an invaluable way to market your company, build your brand, provide customer service and find out what your customers really think and want. We can integrate social media into your website, training you to make the most of them, or running the channels for you for maximum effect.  

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In practice

  1. Getting ChurchInsight Down with the Faithful


    To facilitate a more conversational element we help them to run a Twitter account, which also brings people to the blog.

  2. Would You 'Like' an Estate Agent?


    How we created a facebook app to showcase properties for a Cambridge estate agent.

  3. How to Generate Customer Testimonials


    We asked people what they really thought, including what annoyed them about the product. My guess is that the knowledge that they would be listened to combined with the freedom to rant if they wanted is what led to such a high response rate to the first survey.