Technical Consultancy

If we can do that over there to get that ... then we could try doing this over here to get ...? Consultancy can be a clumsy, patronising word. We're inventors. We know how web things work. So we explore, we tinker, we experiment. Then we can call on all of that experience to help you with the challenges you are facing.

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In practice

  1. Pure Resources – a partnership of innovation


    It started with projects – we built a mobile site and cmsified their main website. It developed into a partnership of continuous enhancement.

  2. Twizoo will help you find great burgers.


    The team at Twizoo wanted some extra code-muscle to get ready for their launch at the end of June. We lent them the closest thing we had to trendy, hipster coder by sending Peter down to Shoreditch to help.

  3. Flexible Systems for Growing NGO


    Throughout the changes, Fluent has acted as Hope for Justice’s tech team.

  4. Bringing Complex Models to Life with Sankey Diagrams


    We needed to develop a new datastructure for flexibly describing the information produced by the model, and then a means of rendering the diagrams.

  5. Growing a Global Grid for Learning


    A consultancy project to advise Global Grid for Learning on how to overcome some of the technical challenges presented by growth.

  6. The Curse of the Magic Button


    There is a reason that magic buttons do not exist – if it's not possible to do the underlying task there is no point in fussing about how handy the control mechanism may be.