Training and Workshops

When we build you a new system we train you to get started, whether it's an admin office, a CMS, or blog engine. It won't take long before it's second nature. We also run workshops and coaching sessions to help you write for the web, on your site, your blog, through social media. So many good sites fail when the words are added – we won't let that happen to you.

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In practice

  1. Fluent on BBC Radio 4


    It’s not the first time a Fluent blog post has led to a BBC radio interview.

  2. Writing Estate Agent Property Descriptions


    There is something about “laid predominantly to lawn”, “rendered brick elevations” and “comprising of” that really get under the skin.

  3. Content Strategy for Small Businesses (SLIDES)


    Earlier this week I spoke to the London Content Strategy Forum about doing content strategy for SMEs. These are my slides.

  4. Training Talis Web-Changers to Write Good


    The key for getting non-writers to write well is, of course, confidence. You need to stop thinking 'I'm not a writer', pick up a few good tips and then have a go.

  5. Infiltrating Red Gate with Blogging Workshops


    I'm beginning to think that Red Gate is a cult.