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  1. Pure Resources – a partnership of innovation


    It started with projects – we built a mobile site and cmsified their main website. It developed into a partnership of continuous enhancement.

  2. Twizoo will help you find great burgers.


    The team at Twizoo wanted some extra code-muscle to get ready for their launch at the end of June. We lent them the closest thing we had to trendy, hipster coder by sending Peter down to Shoreditch to help.

  3. Redesigning the UK's most trusted way to find tradespeople


    The result is a distraction-free design, reducing the high volumes of information and ‘noise’ on the old site. And, you can’t miss the search feature: it’s spotlit and waiting to help you find a tradesperson you can trust.

  4. Fight jetlag with light therapy


    The Jet Lag Optimiser is dead simple to use. You enter your journeys start and end cities, flight date, and the time you normally wake up. What you get is a detailed, 3-day plan, with a schedule for seeking and avoiding light, and even when to take naps.

  5. Case Study - University of Cambridge Accommodation Service


    Turning an existing website into a responsive website – one that works on different-sized screens like smartphones and tablets – always takes more than a lick of paint. It’s more of a rebuild than a rearrange.

  6. Forgiving Leverage


    You've got nowhere to hide. There is no room for hedging. The zombie remains of aphorisms that died of embarrassment are called platitudes.

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