University of Cambridge Accommodation Service

As with most things at the prestigious University of Cambridge, the Accommodation Service has been around for some time. It has been finding places for scholars and students to live for over a century - a job much easier now it is done through a website.

The Accommodation Service connects University members from all over the world to homes and rooms in Cambridge via a network of local landlords, individual colleges and central University accommodation. It is also a hub for information about the city and studying there and runs a property management service for private landlords and the University.

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The story so far

  1. Case Study - University of Cambridge Accommodation Service


    Turning an existing website into a responsive website – one that works on different-sized screens like smartphones and tablets – always takes more than a lick of paint. It’s more of a rebuild than a rearrange.

  2. Responsive is never a lick of paint


    Any project that starts out as a re-skin becomes a ground-up rebuild when someone pipes up with: “mobile first,” or "responsive design."

  3. Sprezzatura (Making Complexity Appear Simple)


    To make this happen through a website is difficult, because there are so many parties involved.

  4. Accommodation Service Website Realignment


    An update to website features, design and content. We call this realignment.

  5. Designing the Accommodation Service


    Creating a 'user-centric' homepage for the University's Accommodation website.

  6. Fluent Supports Accommodation Service


    Fluent are delighted to provide ongoing support for the University of Cambridge Accommodation Services’ web application.