Checkatrade's unique business model distinguishes it from other rated tradespersons directories. Tradesmen and women join Checkatrade to be rigorously vetted, then continually monitored through customer feedback. The real and thorough feedback is published on the Checkatrade website, where the public can search for the most trusted and proven workers in their area.

The company started in response to a local need in Selsey, before spreading rapidly across the south coast and now further up the country. They are concerned not only with helping the public to find trusted traders, but also in helping their members to be able to prove their credibility, with an impressive range of information and marketing services behind the scenes. 

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The story so far

  1. Find a fitness instructor from the comfort of your armchair


    We've just finished a new site which connects people with trusted professionals from the health and fitness industry.

  2. Redesigning the UK's most trusted way to find tradespeople


    The result is a distraction-free design, reducing the high volumes of information and ‘noise’ on the old site. And, you can’t miss the search feature: it’s spotlit and waiting to help you find a tradesperson you can trust.

  3. Checkatrade Application Application


    The app runs on Checkatrade’s fleet of Android tablets, and membership application interviews are now completed throug it. It uses the tablet’s built-in camera to capture an image of any documents, IDs and certificates. All the information is written directly to the head office database – no more repeated data-entry!

  4. Checkatrade Goes Mobile


    Consumers might have a burst pipe and need to find a plumber quickly. They might want to get a kitchen fitter booked while they’re on the move. Or they might be dual screening on the sofa – checking the company out on their phones after seeing the TV ad.

  5. Writing for Mobile


    Nielsen identifies a paradox of mobile users: they want to kill time but not waste it.

  6. Does Impartiality Make TripAdvisor's Reviews Less Honest?


    I could go on the website right now and write a cruel story about a hotel I have never even heard of, never mind stayed at. And it would be published.

  7. Solr Powered Search


    We tweaked Solr to work for Checkatrade, pimping our client's search to make it faster and more customisable.

  8. "Can I Have a Checkatrade?"


    We incorporated an application structured around workflow rather than data, increasing the throughput by 400%.