Endis provide website services for a variety of organisations in the UK and US. They are the leading website provider for churches in the UK, and their product is so well suited for political campaigns that it has already carried candidates to the House of Commons and Senate respectively.

At the core of their services is Endis Insight, a powerful CMS with a rich built-in feature list including SMS texting and mailing, rotas and conference administration, and an ecommerce platform. In addition, Endis now offer web design and development, graphic design and print, and branding and identity services.

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The story so far

  1. Getting ChurchInsight Down with the Faithful


    To facilitate a more conversational element we help them to run a Twitter account, which also brings people to the blog.

  2. How to Generate Customer Testimonials


    We asked people what they really thought, including what annoyed them about the product. My guess is that the knowledge that they would be listened to combined with the freedom to rant if they wanted is what led to such a high response rate to the first survey.