Lumie is Europe's leading light therapy products manufacturer, researching, designing and building medical devices over the last 20 years. They pioneered integrated dawn simulators, alarm clocks that wake the sleeper up naturally with steadily increasing light, and are now producing light therapy devices to treat SAD, sleep problems, acne, hay fever and jet lag.

Lumie sells products on its own website and Amazon, and through some of the largest chain stores in the UK, including John Lewis, Boots and Tesco. It has distributors across Europe and North America.

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The story so far

  1. Fight jetlag with light therapy


    The Jet Lag Optimiser is dead simple to use. You enter your journeys start and end cities, flight date, and the time you normally wake up. What you get is a detailed, 3-day plan, with a schedule for seeking and avoiding light, and even when to take naps.

  2. Shop the Light Fantastic


    The Lumie website was a classic ecommerce project: detailed content strategy, careful design, and development work customising an open source platform to fit the back office systems of the client.

  3. Selling Lumie on Amazon


    The challenge was to compete on Amazon against the big electronics brands and the cheap Chinese knock-offs. Lumie needed to convey in an online shop with hundreds of sellers competing for attention and money that they are the original, and still the best.