Mobile Websites

The cool kids have wanted their web small for some time and now the relentless smartphone hype can't be ignored. Narrow is the new wide. But it's not just size that matters. The mobile internet also shrinks attention spans. Bandwidth is smaller but pages need to load quicker. The delicate mouse cursor is replaced with fat thumbs and multi-touch gestures. Every aspect of your user experience needs to be realigned. 

We make mobile and tablet friendy websites. These can be mobile-specific experiences for particular use cases, or responsive websites that look at their best on every device. Try resizing this window right now to something skinny and watch how the page layout adapts to suit your view. Clever stuff.

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In practice

  1. How to build a brilliant recruitment site


    Clue: it's all about the jobs

  2. One new platform deserves another


    Cutting edge technology firm, CMR are building a surgical robot. So we built them a website to talk about it.

  3. Pure Resources – a partnership of innovation


    It started with projects – we built a mobile site and cmsified their main website. It developed into a partnership of continuous enhancement.

  4. Case Study - University of Cambridge Accommodation Service


    Turning an existing website into a responsive website – one that works on different-sized screens like smartphones and tablets – always takes more than a lick of paint. It’s more of a rebuild than a rearrange.

  5. Responsive is never a lick of paint


    Any project that starts out as a re-skin becomes a ground-up rebuild when someone pipes up with: “mobile first,” or "responsive design."

  6. Shop the Light Fantastic


    The Lumie website was a classic ecommerce project: detailed content strategy, careful design, and development work customising an open source platform to fit the back office systems of the client.