Service Hosting

Our software solutions come with a 90-day warranty for bugs and omissions, plus we offer flexible support and maintenance packages to keep things in tip-top condition despite the inevitable entropy of business life.

When you need a start to finish service, we include hosting. We lease a variety of dedicated servers, VPS systems and cloud storage from top quality suppliers like RapidSwitch, Ultimahosts, linode and Windows Azure. We worry about the essential stuff like data backups, DNS management, patches, upgrades and hardware - so that you don't have to give them a moment's thought.

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In practice

  1. How to build a brilliant recruitment site


    Clue: it's all about the jobs

  2. A new higher education website for care leavers


    Propelling young people from care backgrounds into higher education

  3. Pure Resources – a partnership of innovation


    It started with projects – we built a mobile site and cmsified their main website. It developed into a partnership of continuous enhancement.

  4. Cloud-powering the Foreseer Project


    We supported the Foreseer team with a significant new software release, updating features, adding new models, and refreshed the design. Oh, and we moved the whole lot to the cloud.

  5. Why Software Rusts


    Unlike cars, software systems don't wear out, so why do they need maintenance? A short explanation of why software doesn't last long in a changing world.

  6. Aw, Shucks – Blushworthy Praise From Beechdale


    We don’t often print customer testimonials in full. They are not always as effusive as this one.