The people who areInFluential?

It’s an art and a science, making the complicated simple to use. We’ve worked together since 2007 to do just that. Apart from the name (we used to be Endis Solutions) not much has changed since we started: we focus our talents on creating manageable, scalable and effective systems that help businesses to succeed online.

The Team

  • Alan

    Alan Mitchell

    Alan founded Fluent. He studied computer science at Margaret Thatcher’s favourite Cambridge college. He is an Ely evangelist.

  • Andrew

    Andrew Parker

    Andrew is our Creative Director. He possesses a designer's eye for detail and a developer's mind for logic (one day they'll want them back). He once mixed audio for a Beatles' documentary and 'nearly met' Macca.

  • Charlie

    Charlie Middleton

    Charlie balances the good ship Fluent with a right-brain bias and ladylike behaviour. She studied English at Oxford and often uses words when speaking to clients.

  • Ian

    Ian Grainger

    Ian has more cycling kit than your average midlife crisis. He codes like Vishnu and his DIY is improving. Well, maybe not the DIY.

  • Justin

    Justin Ruffell-Ward

    Justin is a cross between David Hockney and Ryan Giggs. After a lifetime in testing he has become an Umbraco specialist (Umbracilist?).

  • Paul

    Paul Stephenson

    Paul has worked for blue chips and red gates, he did sums at Oxford in a previous century and plays both computer and piano keyboards like a maestro.

  • Peter

    Peter Morris

    Peter's bicycle is too expensive to bring to work. He brings his PhD in mathematical computer science though.

  • Piers

    Piers Morgan

    Piers is famous at Fluent for his web design skills not his name. We try not to tease him for his youthful good looks either.

  • Sarah _new

    Sarah Bell

    Sarah's first computer was a Commodore Vic20. She later honed her skills via an MSc in Software Engineering (thankfully not on Vic 20). She runs marathons as well as computer programmes.

  • Scott_web

    Scott Forest

    Scott trained as a chef in another life.  Now he cooks up tasty websites instead. He is a self-confessed cardio-freak.

  • Wes _photo

    Wes Cole

    Wes has visited a country for every letter from A to Z. There are no Xs. He uses his MBA to help us work fluently.

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    You're brilliant, so send us your CV. Even when the cupboard is bare on the jobs page.

Fluent have played a significant role in the growth of Checkatrade. Alan and his team are honest and very conscientious. They are not just an IT company to us – they are our partners.

Kevin Byrne, MD, Checkatrade