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Fluent looking for a full-stack web developer

We want to expand our talented development team – ideally with a swiss army knife of a coder. We like diversity as well as excellence, sometimes known as T shaped people. Ideally you would be a dab hand at one of these and have more than passing familiarity with the others:

  • Database work in MS SQL (design, dev, optimisation)
  • Server side code in ASP.NET (VB and C#) and increasingly ASP.NET MVC
  • Front-end development (HTML / CSS / LESS, Javascript)

As a Fluenteer you'll be

  • A full-timer
  • With a £30K–£40K salary, depending on experience
  • Based in Histon, Cambridge, UK
  • With flexible working arrangements

About Us

Fluent designs, build and maintains clever online software to get businesses thriving on the web. Fluent is also what we do. From consultancy and development to content and design, we aim for simplicity, creating free-flowing websites that are easy to understand and use.

We are a boutique firm, drawing on many different disciplines. We specialise in high value solutions using a variety of technologies. Fluent is a highly qualified and experienced team who love to get things done without fuss. Our clients vary in size, location and market, and are mostly acquired through client referral. They generate a high proportion of repeat business.

About You

We're looking for a brilliant developer with enthusiasm and experience, who has some personality and can be nice to our clients.

We're ambitious, so we want someone who can exceed expectations – to find those little nuggets that make us, and our customers, smile. Personal drive and motivation are musts, as are qualities like honesty, self-belief, integrity and inner beauty (or a wicked sense of humour to compensate).

The right candidate will have some war stories from cross-browser design implementation, team development on decent sized projects, and the sorrows and triumphs of database wrangling.

Because we are a small shop, we need to both create and maintain – so one day the job may be designing data architectures, and the next day fixing up automated build processes. We want someone who is flexible and mature enough to cope with a varied set of responsibilities, and optimistic and resourceful to find answers to unexpected problems.

We tailor roles to talented people. We don't want to be too narrow in our job description because we want to be flexible enough to form a role around your strengths and enthusiasm.

Things to be really good at

  • Minimum 2 years’ full-time professional development experience in a directly relevant web technology area. If you’re fresh out of academia or making a career change then show us a longer part-time history of coding for the love of it.
  • Building for the long term - you'll need to have a methodical approach to keeping your code simple and well structured for easy maintenance.
  • Working in a team. We're a band of heroes, not a supergroup of rockstar developers. 
  • A well maintained toolkit. The internet is full of reinvented wheels; you should be well versed in the best of them - the latest tools that save development effort.
  • Communication - skilful interaction with both clients and our team. Using words and whiteboards, not hand flapping, haiku or mime. 

This stuff is important too

  • We do a lot of work in a variety of toolsets and platforms (e.g. Knockout.js, Umbraco, WordPress). Tell us the ones you know already!
  • Professional development skills, such as using source control, bug triage, project management, written presentation
  • A complementary skill to web development would be great, such as:
    • Graphic design training
    • Mobile app development
    • UX development
    • Data visualisation (e.g. d3.js)
    • DevOps experience
  • Primarily, we’re a Microsoft shop although we’re open-minded and have no time for technology flame wars.
  • Degree-level education
  • Living in the Cambridge area, and happy to travel occasionally
  • Being legal to work in the UK
  • Not being an agency – we’re after the get-up-and-go of direct applications

How to apply

  • Tell us a little about yourself: your situation, background and personality
  • Mention five websites you check regularly and the last book you read
  • Some semblance of a portfolio will be in your advantage

Please send your application, along with a CV to [email protected]. We look forward to meeting you.

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