Foreseer Project

The Low Carbon Materials Processing group is a research unit within the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge. It looks at development of innovative materials processing technologies, and pursues opportunities where engineering can contribute to a low carbon future.

The LCMP group’s research falls into a number of areas, including the BP-funded Foreseer project – an online visualisation tool examining connected energy, land, and water futures. The lauded book, 'Sustainable Materials: With Both Eyes Open,' came out of the work of the LCMP group in 2011.

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The story so far

  1. Cloud-powering the Foreseer Project


    We supported the Foreseer team with a significant new software release, updating features, adding new models, and refreshed the design. Oh, and we moved the whole lot to the cloud.

  2. How to Have Friends Who Influence People


    The book tackles the problem of how to cut carbon emissions when the projected demand for materials is that it will double by 2050.

  3. Bringing Complex Models to Life with Sankey Diagrams


    We needed to develop a new datastructure for flexibly describing the information produced by the model, and then a means of rendering the diagrams.