Kevin Henry

Kevin Henry outsells other estate agents in Saffron Walden year after year. Its staff are local people who know and love the area, having started selling homes there in 1988. Kevin Henry guarantees a high level of service for vendors, making it as easy as possible for them to move house. For example, they offer unrestrictive contracts, helpful opening hours, a range of means to stay in touch including social media, and a myriad of smaller touches that  create a delightful experience for customers.

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The story so far

  1. Kevin Henry New Homes and Styling


    For home seekers, a New Homes section may not seem important on a property website. But for the agent, it is vital.

  2. Kevin Henry Switch to ReapIT


    Changing from Vebra to ReapIT with no web pain.

  3. Why You Should Craft Your Meta Description


    Where all the other estate agents say who they are and what they do, Kevin Henry also tells readers why they should choose them above the competition.

  4. Kevin Henry Plumbing Inspection


    Kevin Henry wanted a fully featured public facing website without undue disruption to the way they work. Fluent figured out how to create a new view of their data from their existing property management systems.

  5. Painting and Decorating the House of Kevin Henry


    Before and after shots of Kevin Henry's website redevelopment.

  6. New Home for Kevin Henry Estate Agents


    You would expect an estate agent to be a savvy negotiator with an eye for presentation and location. Maybe that's why Kevin Henry chose Fluent!