Whitfield Group

The Whitfield Group is a private landlord that deals directly with its tenants. With no need for letting agents in the middle, Whitfield tenants pay less in fees and receive a superior, direct service.

Whitfield is the largest landlord in Cambridge. George Whitfield bought his first house in 1965, and has since built up a portfolio of over 500 properties across East Anglia. The Group let homes and rooms to professionals and students, as well as acquiring and managing a selection of commercial properties.

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The story so far

  1. Fresh Message for Fresh Meat


    Not only did we add a section with a map for the new location; we also had to rewrite the copy to reflect the new business model.

  2. Whitfield Commercial Completes Website Hat Trick


    One of the real strengths of Umbraco is that it’s relatively simple to turn it into a simple property database.

  3. A Tale of Two Websites


    Designing for the Whitfield Group.