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A successful software solution starts with identifying the correct problem and finding the right people to solve it

As our name suggests, we speak business and technology fluently. It’s a rare skill set that enables us to translate your business objectives, processes and ambitions into a digital roadmap - and then make it into reality.

We take pride in getting to the real root of the problem: understanding what you want, yet delivering what you need. And we know our limits. If we can help, we will. If we can’t, we’ll recommend someone else who can.

Fluent team planning a client software development project Computer screen showing a software & website design & development project by Fluent

No one-size-fits-all solution

We specialise in getting under the skin of your existing technology. Applications, databases, CRM and ecommerce packages – we can do the digital plumbing required to get them working together efficiently and effectively. Where your IT components needs upgrading or replacing, or whole new systems need creating, we’ll identify what’s required and just get it done.

We design applications around content which meets the needs of real people. The final shape is determined by the best user experience. Happy users sign up, participate, purchase, share, recommend – by serving their needs our solutions meet the objectives of your company.

Bottom line: we take care of the technical things so that you can focus on what your business was set up to do, and do it brilliantly.

Delivery to suit you

We’re happy to provide the right combination of skills to suit your unique project. We can act as an outsourced development team, mesh with your in-house team, or work alongside other agencies.

We regularly work as part of a wider team of teams, for example prototyping ideas for others to develop, implementing creative designs into websites or providing project management support to a larger hybrid team. We enjoy being part of a coalition, working with new friends and trusted partners to get the best result.

If you’re an agency missing a particular piece of a project puzzle - please get in touch and we’ll see if we can help. We leave our egos at the door and promise not to take over (unless you want us to!)

Meet the team

Fluent is a team of technical experts in digital strategy, design, content and development.

When we’re not working from our clients’ offices, you’ll find us working side-by-side here at Fluent Towers. That might sound counter intuitive for a technically savvy team, but when it comes to problem-solving, there’s no substitute for being in the same room and the same time. It helps that we genuinely like one another too.

  • Wesley Cole, Director at Fluent

    Wesley Cole

    Operations Director

    Wes joined Fluent in 2013. Prior to this he spent over 10 years working as a Business Transformation Manager, which he juggled (courtesy of gruelling 80 hour weeks) with an MBA at Cass Business School.

    Having figured out out how to optimise his own working week (no sleep, lots of caffeine), Wes now does the same for the team at Fluent (more sleep, same coffee intake) where he’s responsible for keeping clients happy, developers busy and the business buoyant.

    When he’s not mixing business with pleasure, Wes plays defence for his local hockey team and can run faster backwards than forwards. He’s travelled to a country for every letter of the alphabet and is partially deaf thanks to a Saturday job he had in a balloon shop as a 15 year old. Pop.

  • Ben Manning, Project Manager at Fluent

    Ben Manning

    Project Manager

    Ben specialises in managing big, complex projects with lots of moving parts. It’s his job to understand what clients need and make sure that the right stuff gets done in the right order by the right people. He can Sprint with the best of them.

    Prior to Fluent, Ben was a Business Systems Manager, overseeing the implementation and management of specialist office supplies software.

    He owes his particular set of skills thanks to an early career in event management and later, as a professional services consultant.

    These days Ben misspends most of his time growing vegetables on his allotment or plotting his entry into the craft beer industry.

  • Charlie Middleton, Account Manager at Fluent

    Charlie Middleton

    Account Manager

    Charlie is an account manager and Fluent’s writer in residence. She doesn’t write code, but does speak ‘client’ and enjoys bringing both together on the same beautiful webpage.

    Since joining Fluent in 2014, she now extols the virtues of cloud-based project management boards and loves her wireless mouse. Much to her nana’s disappointment she has never been a BBC newsreader or worked for the UN. (Both ‘obvious’ career choices for an Oxford English graduate). Instead, she misspent her youth working for various Soho ad agencies and more recently (and sensibly) as Head of Internal Communications Channels for a FTSE 100 City firm.

    Outside of work, you’re most likely to find her in an art gallery, or unravelling her latest knitting disaster. She loves all things Italian. But married an American. And she does love a good book.

  • Andrew Parker, Creative Director at Fluent

    Andrew Parker

    Creative Director

    Andrew oversees the creative process from concept to completion leading the user experience and design aspects of our work at Fluent.

    Growing up, he spent a lot of time programming on his Sinclair ZX81 and honed his design skills on a state-of-the-art Archimedes; thankfully that early work has now been lost in the mists of computing history. Clearly he was always destined for a career that combined technical ability with creative flair.

    Although he's been designing and building websites since 2002 he also has a degree in Music and Sound Recording and a past-life as a dubbing mixer for television - working on a variety of projects including 'River Cottage', the Brit Awards, an unpublished Beatles project and the oft-forgotten classic 'The Baby Mind Reader'.

    In his spare time he's just taken up rowing and records the occasional audiobook.

  • Aimi Hill, Designer at Fluent

    Aimi Reynolds


    Aimi denies the existence of cars and can cycle 78 miles in one day. Ironically her name is spelt like two major northbound roads, stuck together.

    She would like to fix everything in Sketch.

  • Justin Ruffell-Ward, Developer at Fluent

    Justin Ruffell-Ward


    Justin joined Fluent in 2011 as a front end developer and uses his illustrator’s eye to ensure that content and design are rendered into a seamless user-experience.

    He has over 20 years’ experience of building and testing software and websites, but only had his first taste of computing when he enrolled on a free programming course after graduation. He caught the bug and the rest, as they say, is history.

    Justin is famed around Fluent for possessing a coffee-fuelled metabolism that enables him to eat vast quantities of lunch without gaining any weight.

    He loves most sport, Matisse, Mike Leigh films and dreams of painting a large picture he’s actually happy with. Other more lofty ambitions include playing for Liverpool FC and winning the F1 world championship.

  • Alan Mitchell, Director at Fluent

    Alan Mitchell

    Technical Director

    Alan founded Fluent in 2006, after discovering that running his own company was the best way to get stuff done.

    As technical director, Alan is responsible for translating clients’ business goals into workable solutions and for leading Fluent’s team of developers. He studied computers at Cambridge University, and has worked for blue chip organisations such as Ford and Microsoft. After graduation he joined a Cambridge startup, Endis, where he oversaw the development of their flagship product.

    Several years later Alan branched out, setting up Endis Solutions - a sister company offering consultancy and custom web solutions. Over time Endis Solutions became Fluent and has grown organically to its current size.

    When Alan’s not meeting clients, researching technologies or posting terrible puns to the all-company feed, he can still be found flexing his coding muscles. He’s famous at Fluent for his ability to bring the best out of people, galvanise the team and drink six caffeinated beverages before 9am. (He’s in the office by 7.30am, mind).

    When he’s not building websites or companies, Alan does his ‘Shed Job’ (to quote his son), where he enjoys making non-virtual things out of wood and metal. He has a busy house with two kids and a revolving cast of foster children to keep him on his toes.

  • Bradley Cornwell, Developer at Fluent

    Bradley Cornwell


    Bradley joined Fluent as Developer in 2016 but already knows his way around our code like a (pre-vetted) electrician around a circuit board.

    His journey to Fluent Towers actually began at the age of 14, when he selflessly decided to give up his ambition to play for England and let others have a crack...

    Instead, a degree in Computer Science beckoned along with a placement at IBM. It proved the perfect plan B for Bradley’s problem-solving left-brain bias. On graduation, he joined Abcam where he discovered the joys and frustrations of Agile and how to speak fluent C# and .Net. He’s also something of a guru when it comes to Test Driven Development.

    6 years later and the rest is Fluent.

    When Bradley’s not catching up on injury news for FC Barcelona and the Denver Broncos, you’ll most likely find him greeting, teaching, coordinating, or cycling on behalf of his local church, though not always at the same time.

  • Ian Grainger, Developer at Fluent

    Ian Grainger


    Despite spending nearly all his time messing about on computers as a kid, Ian didn't realise you could get paid for it until he spotted something called ‘Computer Science’ on the list of A’ level options.

    After a year out doing a badly paid work placement for a technology company and living in the ‘worst house share in Southsea’, Ian escaped to Warwick University, where his work on peer-to-peer networks earned him a first class degree in Software Engineering.

    Ian has been a full stack developer at Fluent since 2010. In that time, he’s written some ‘pretty cool’ code, even taking on Solr, to improve the way people search for things like plumbers, houses and jobs. He’s also pretty good at making choose your own adventure web games.

    He’s a qualified lifeguard and has a medal somewhere in his attic to prove it. Having recently renovated his house Ian now has a dislike of DIY equal only to that of ActionScript for Flash.

    He does love having a 10 minute commute by bike to work though.

  • Laura Weatherhead

    Laura Weatherhead


    Laura is Fluent’s most recent acquisition and resident Umbraco specialist.

    She loves using her coding superpowers to make things work better. While studying Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh Uni, she helped build a program to support emotional development in autistic children.

    After uni, Laura joined Vodafone’s technology graduate programme, but soon relinquished free text messages in favour of a life less corporate. Her wanderings led her back to Scotland where she discovered a love of C#, Umbraco and well-ordered datasets.

    With more skills and experience under her belt, Laura won a coveted place on TRC Media’s Special Edition training programme aimed at helping talented women in tech reach their full potential. This gave her the impetus to set up on her own for 3 years - taking on more meaningful projects while perfecting the art of the work-life balance.

    The same drive and sense of adventure has since brought Laura to Cambridge and Fluent Towers.

    Outside work, she has an equally healthy appetite for competition and risk: she was an under 8 England chess champion; she trampolined for her university; she’s a member of a circus school. And she once wrote 26,000 words in 3 days as part of a book-writing challenge.


  • Paul Stephenson, Developer at Fluent

    Paul Stephenson


    Paul joined Fluent as a developer in 2014 and has been professionally coding for over a third of his life. (That either makes him a genius or quite old).

    He was always destined to work with computers after a misspent childhood hacking about on a BBC Micro. With an MSc in Computation from Oxford University under his belt, Paul headed for the bright lights of Shingay-cum-Wendy (real place) where he cut his professional teeth building back-end financial applications for a small software company that later became part of Thomson Reuters.

    After 12 years there and 4 more managing big project teams at Redgate, there aren’t too many computer languages he can’t find his way around these days.

    As musical as he is mathematical, Paul sings tenor in a choir and plays the piano to Disney show-tune standard. The rest of his time is spent ‘persuading’ his 3 kids to do their homework and perfecting the art of the roast potato.

  • Pete Morris, Developer at Fluent

    Pete Morris


    In a previous life, Dr Pete spent 13 years at Nottingham University, gaining a PhD in mathematical computer science and teaching theoretical computer science to theoretically grateful undergraduates.

    Since 2012 he’s been putting that theory into practice at Fluent, using his finely-honed coding skills to help people find accommodation, learn about climate change or even locate the perfect burger. His dedication to the cause often sees him in early, or staying late to oversee the latest release.

    When he’s not knee-deep in HTML or similar, you’ll likely find him riding one of his many bikes, going to festivals (current Glasto tally = 12) or supporting Ipswich Town.

    Like the perfect search engine, his brain can retrieve the most apt Simpson’s quote for any occasion. He also makes a mean sourdough - a claim yet to be verified by any of his colleagues.

    You’re least likely to find him buying a cat or making a round of tea.

  • Sarah Bell, Developer at Fluent

    Sarah Bell


    Sarah has been with Fluent since the early days, and does developing part time to fit in with the demands of her full-time job as a mum of three.

    A burgeoning interest in computing during her physics degree led to an MSc in Software Engineering and Sarah’s first job at BT Research Labs, where she got to see if something called the internet could be used for things like shopping. (Apparently, it can)

    Excited by the future of all-things internetty, Sarah made the move to Cambridge to gain more hands-on experience and has never looked back. In her spare time she runs marathons, helps out with the scouts, and makes a mean brownie (cake that is, not small Girl Guide).

    Future aspirations include travelling in New Zealand and knitting more tea-cosies for the Fluent teapot.

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