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Fluent is a digital product development agency.

We partner with ambitious businesses to accelerate the growth of their digital products and services.

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The world-leading university is expanding. A series of custom solutions has brought the operations of the Accommodation Service online, managing over 3,000 properties.

Image of a dashboard for the RICS website built by Fluent, Cambridge

Collaboration with this historic institution’s IT team has created new public, administration and ecommerce websites. All working in harmony with legacy systems.


A story of true partnership. A decade of digital strategy has delivered systems and websites allowing Checkatrade to scale from startup to national phenomenon.

Ieso service architecture illustration designed by Fluent

Augmenting a UX and development team to deliver ground breaking technology for a world leading digital mental health care company in Cambridge.

What we do

We build and connect together applications, websites, systems and user experiences for mobile and the web.

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How we do it

Using a mix of inspirational design, technical expertise and a Fluent approach we build brilliant digital products and services with our clients.

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Why we do it

We love solving complex problems with ambitious clients who are delivering transformational digital products and services.

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