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Fluent Used to be Called Endis Solutions

The rebrand coincides with a new website, but nothing else has changed. We haven’t been bought out or outsourced your account to Tibet. We are still the web team that you know and love, drinking too much tea and thinking hard about what we can do to make you succeed.

Four years ago we started out as spin off from a company called Endis. That’s why we called ourselves Endis Solutions. Their business was selling and adapting a single product for lots of customers; ours was to custom-build web solutions for individual clients.

As time has passed Endis have diversified and started to offer more flexible services, blurring the distinction between us. And it has often confused our clients that we shared a name – most of our customers called us Endis for short anyway.

So, to avoid confusion and to show that we are separate companies, we have picked a new name.

We chose the name Fluent because it sums up our work. We make software that is easy to use and understand, that flows well for public users and for your staff. We try to work smoothly with our customers, and deliver expert answers quickly and efficiently.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, it would be a good idea to update your records for us. We’re at the same address and telephone number, but our email addresses are now [first_name]@isfluent.com and we’re @makeitfluent on Twitter.

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