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Moodle Muscle Power

Moodle is the largest open source learning platform of its kind, with a highly customisable design and layout.

It’s also the system of choice for the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), who use it to educate organisations on how to reconcile profitability and sustainability.

CISL’s Moodle administrators can usually make changes to course content using the web interface. But when they had more complex functional requirements, they approached us for some extra Moodle muscle.

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Our first challenge was to move Moodle onto a new, bigger server, giving CISL plenty of scope to add more courses in future and improving its overall stability.

Server moved, we then looked at CISL's existing customised system to understand how the PHP and SQL code fitted together. (As with most mature open-source platforms working out where to find the relevant information and logic is all part of the ‘fun’ for a developer.)

Once acquainted with Moodle’s ‘inner-quirkings’, we then set about improving things like signposting to courses and navigation through them. We also made simple thematic changes to the long form pages to make them easier to read and use.

 The result is a much simpler user experience for administrators and end-users alike. 

CISL Moodle

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