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Pure's new executive website is the business

Pure Resourcing Solutions (PRS) handle recruitment across a wide range of sectors in East Anglia.

They have a proven track record in professional executive recruitment and wanted a new site to reflect their handpicked approach in this most specialised of sectors.

So we built pureexecutive.com, a designated space for them to better define and market their offering.

There’s no better advert than a testimonial from a happy customer, and as Pure have quite a lot of them - we featured their case studies on the homepage. They all tell of Pure’s tailored response to very different and challenging briefs. And how this bespoke approach has led to some top-notch appointments.

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The site also had to integrate seamlessly with their existing recruitment database (RDB) .  RDB is ‘mission control’ software for recruiters and stores everything from CVs to job descriptions and candidate contact information - so there could be no margin for error.

Luckily we’ve got a bit of a track record ourselves when it comes to ‘matching’ our own skillset with what recruiters are looking for. Check out another example of our recent work here.


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