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How to find a job without searching for it

Whenever you’re invited to search for anything on a website, someone behind the scenes will have categorised the data in a way that anticipates the search terms you’re likely to enter.

But when it comes to categorising job types, anticipating what those keywords might be can be problematic. The same job can have wildly different titles depending on who’s describing it. For example, one man’s Ambient Replenishment Controller might be another man’s Shelf Stacker.

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We decided to remove the problem entirely from Noa’s new recruitment website: you won’t find a search button anywhere.


This approach works for them because they’re a niche company with a focus on recruiting high-calibre technology candidates.  They don’t have hundreds of roles on their books, so their website is the ideal candidate (as it were) for browse-only functionality.

The only categorising you’ll find on the site are four broadly defined ‘buckets’: technical, creative. digital and sales - with an additional option to look at everything.  


Candidates are more likely to turn up a serendipitous match for their skills than to miss out entirely because of semantics.

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