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Capturing the essence of Fluent in a brand new website

Telling people you’ve got a new website is a bit like telling them you’ve sorted out your sock drawer: not interesting and something you should probably do every few years anyway.

But since our last web redesign (ahem) 5 years ago... we’ve evolved, expanded, you might even say, matured. In that time the focus of our work has changed, so we needed a new site to reflect the company we’ve become.

It’s meant thinking long and hard about who we are, the kind of work we excel at and our approach to it. It’s taken an embarrassment of meetings (collective noun?), false starts, designs, redesigns, drafts and rewrites.

Without a doubt it’s been THE most difficult project to get over the line and - yes - the irony is not lost on us. So, what have we learned?

  • Writing about yourself is painful but enlightening
  • Building web applications is so much easier when it’s for other people
  • We won’t be rebranding again until at least 2023…

We’d like to thank all our clients who responded to our ‘rebrand’ survey and helped us to hold the mirror up - this comment typifies what you told us:

You’re more than website designers, you deliver great software/applications with a lot of thought into the usability (UX)

We hope we’ve baked these sentiments into our new site. If you you know us, please tell us if you think we’ve succeeded. If you don’t - please get in touch and put the new Fluent to the test.

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