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Fluentfest 2019

Flue-Fest 2019

Forget Glastonbury, we’ve just come back from our annual fluentfest gathering for Fluenteers and their families. It’s become something of a tradition/talent to predict the hottest weekend of the year and set up camp at Wicksteed Park for non-stop food, drinks* and some competitive Kubb action.

In the spirit of an Agile-style retrospective, we thought we share our collected learnings from this year’s experience:

  • Trying to ‘organise’ a large group of adults and kids is a mostly pointless exercise
  • There’s a direct correlation between the amount of food available and the number of people gathered around it
  • Attempting to out-climb your kids on a climbing wall (or any other activity requiring a public demonstration of athleticism and flexibility) is just foolish
  • Rollercoasters stop being fun when you’re 18
  • No one drinks red wine in super-hot weather unless it’s in a Sangria
  • £1.60 is the cost of being right. (Alan - if only you hadn’t pointed out to the lady at the kiosk that 3 teas were unlikely to be £3.20)

*Unfortunately Ben’s latest batch of Special Flue-Bru didn’t make it past quality control (so he claims) so we’ve given him till the Christmas curry to perfect his technique…

Kids drive their parents up the wall at fluentfest 2019

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