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Predicted digital product development trends in 2023

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After reviewing our Spotify Wrapped Playlists for the year, I don’t know about you, but our thoughts turned to the digital transformation trends in 2023. In this post we’ve identified 4 key tech trends that we believe businesses should address today, in order to stay competitive tomorrow. 

1. A wider adoption of low code platforms

Low code / no-code (LCNC) software has ultimately lowered the barrier of entry for people to create and develop digital products. They allow people with the knowledge of the business, not the technology, to build processes that work for them - quickly and without the deployment overhead.

But having the same tennis racket as Federer doesn't let you win Wimbledon, it's what you do with it that counts. Those same powerful low code tools can be truly transformational in the hands of experienced professionals who know when and how to use them for maximum effect. Rapid prototyping, exploratory product development, automated data integrations  - these are all exciting areas that will put rocket boosters on project timelines in 2023.

2. AI everywhere 

AI has indeed been a digital trend for some years. So why is it recurring? It comes down to the development and integrations we’re seeing year-on-year that means we haven’t seen or can see where the advancements will plateau. The increase in AI is undoubtedly influenced by lower costs and usability friendliness; with low code or no-code AI platforms. 

It’s clear that AI will help us to be more effective and efficient over the coming years as it starts to realise its potential. We expect that it will increasingly alleviate technically complex problems and even cover dull parts of our jobs. For example this blog post could be written by an AI bot, could you tell? 

3. Total experience (TX) for customer and employee backing

Measuring customer experience (CX) is a widely agreed upon facet of a successful and transformative digital product. However an employee's experience (EX) has widely been understated and unaccounted for in terms of the whole approach. 

TX however, also known as total experience, acknowledges the journey for CX and EX and finds deeper learnings from where the two intersect. This thinking is both logical and progressive. Both customers and employees are advocates for digital products. No doubt there is a holistic relationship between the both and it’ll be interesting to see how many businesses ensure TX is considered and implemented in 2023.

4. Sustainable Technology 

Sustainable technology is non-negotiable. How do we define sustainable technology? Gartner defines it as ‘a framework of digital solutions that can enable environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes for the enterprise and its customers.’  

Sustainability should be is the fuel to all tech trends in 2023. 

With mindsets shifting towards more energy-saving and climate-conscious living, companies (if they haven’t already) will look to elevate missions and values. Considering ESG outcomes for use across strategy to unlock and integrate sustainable innovation. 

All eyes on 2023

Considering how much has happened in the world of digital transformation over the past few years, it’s no leap to think that the next 12 months will bring further technological advancements. And no doubt, a few surprises.. which no one could predict. 

Are you working within sustainable technology and stuck in cycles of long winded, resource heavy, product prototyping iterations but want to get on trend with low code platforms? Feel free to drop us a line to [email protected] and we’ll be in touch to discuss starting a low code strategy for you business.

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